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Oral Motor

OPT, PROMPT and Myofunctional


Servicing patients in the tri-state area for oral motor issues such as feeding problems, tongue tie and /or speech sound disorders.


About Me.

Robyn Merkel-Walsh has spent over 28 years helping children with oral motor issues.  She has helped over a thousand children with speech, swallowing, feeding, and orofacial myofunctional disorders.  Over the past few years she has opened her doors to adult patients with tongue tie, voice and swallowing disorders.


Why Me.

Parent Training.

Children only spend an hour or two in speech therapy a week at most.  It is critical that parents become an extension of therapy outside of the sessions. Parents are required to observe and participate in   sessions for optimal progress.


I  work  with the best doctors, clinicians, and medical professionals in the tri-state area.  My network of professionals helps develop a comprehensive system of care for you and your loved ones for best outcomes . 


I have over 25 years of experience and over 2000 hours of continuing education in oral motor and feeding.  Expertise includes but not limited to Neurodiversity, Dysarthria,  Down sydrome, failure to thrive, TOTs, and Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders. 

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