Find out why patients and colleagues have trusted me with assessment and treatment of feeding, oral motor, and orofacial myofunctional disorders for over two decades.


It has been my privilege and pleasure over the years to work with Robyn Merkel Walsh, whom I consider at the top in her specialty as a speech pathologist and Certified Orofacial Myologist®️.

She is a nationally recognized leader, a prolific author and tireless lecturer, and has helped to develop this rapidly emerging field .
Clinically, she is an astute diagnostician, with evaluations that are accurate, comprehensive and detail oriented. Her therapeutic interventions are focused and highly beneficial to her patients.
She has my highest praise and professional support.

Anthony Jahn, MD, FACS, FRCS (C), Clinical Professor of Otolaryngology, Mt. Sinai

I will always be very grateful for the day I came across one of Robyn's posts on a Facebook group last summer. Taking our almost 5 year old to her for an evaluation has been one of the most pivotal moments in our journey. She gave us her diagnostic impressions and steered us towards a number of specialists to inquire further. After meeting them all and forming an amazing team of specialists that actually talk to each other, we are finally on a path that is working and we see great improvements in our kid. So, thank you, Robyn!

Mother of child with TOTS and multiple developmental issues

In addition to being a leader in the field of oral motor therapy Robyn has a passion for her work and is deeply committed to her patients. Robyn has worked diligently to understand the needs of our non-verbal and autistic son; she developed and executed a plan specific to him. A great deal of our son's progress in communication is due to Robyn's efforts. We would recommend her to any parent whose child is struggling with speech or oral motor skills.

Parent of Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and TOTs

We were very fortunate to have worked with Robyn Merkel-Walsh for so many years. My son, a person with Autism, Dysarthria, and motor planning deficits – including Apraxia – really required the jaw strengthening and stability provided by Oral Placement Therapy (OPT). The OPT tools and exercises provided the proper “imposing and teaching of the motor plan” required for my son to learn how to place his lips/mouth in the right position to produce given sounds. Robyn’s “noisy stories” were fun, and taught my son to imitate her facial/oral postures to make simple sounds and words. Techniques taught to me, such as playing a motivating game with play food and talking about “making a sandwich” with my son, helped me to teach him and reinforce words and simple sentences first practiced in the office. Her work provided the foundation for improved speech and communication practices that we carry on to this day.

Parent of Son with Autism

If your child has any oral motor or feeding issue you've come to the right place. Robyn knows absolutely everything there is to know about this field because she literally helped develop it! Robyn has countless good ideas and recommendations and she really cares about the kids she treats.

Parent of a toddler with TOTs, speech and feeding issues

Working with Robyn has been a game changer for my 4-year old son with autism, as well as TOTs, feeding issues, sensory issues and apraxia. When we came to her a little over a year ago, my son was barely able to form any sounds and had an aversion to most food textures. As a result of our work with Robyn, my son's ability to form sounds has really taken off, and his tolerance for various foods has increased dramatically. Given that his challenges are behavioral in addition to neurological and sensory, Robyn's understanding of and respect for behavioral therapy approaches has been critical to my son's continued success.

Robyn has also helped tremendously with my 12-year old son, who is on the spectrum, has TOTs and stammers. After seeing what Robyn was accomplishing with my younger son, we had her evaluate my older son and are so glad I did. The exercises we do with him have made a huge difference -- eating is now a lot less of a challenge, and the tongue placement skills he's gained have had such a positive impact on his speech fluency. I've also been amazed how well Robyn is able to tailor her approach to the very different ages, needs and abilities of my two kids.

As a parent, I've been so grateful for what I have learned from Robyn about ways to foster oral motor function development in both my boys in between therapy sessions. I've come to know well that so much in this area is not intuitive, so I am incredibly thankful to have a professional like Robyn on our team.

Parent of two children with ASD , TOTs and oral motor/myo issues

I don’t have enough words of praise about Robyn!
I have had the great and distinct honor to be able to work closely with Robyn over many years in treating patients, lecturing, and publishing in her text book.

Robyn is one of the most highly regarded of my ‘mentors.’
Robyn continues on a never ending quest to educate parents and professionals while at the same time caring for her patients as if they are her own children.

Robyn is responsible for increasing my knowledge and understanding the complex functional components of Tethered Oral Tissues. Robyn has had a very strong influence in my surgical approach in the treatment in these issues from start to finish.

Scott Siegel, MD, DDS, FACS, SICS, FAAP, TOTs Specialist, NYC

Attended your course yesterday. I experienced in my own practice everything your described regarding the link between tongue thrust and articulation deficits. And I was blown away by the same link between tongue tie and articulation. I could see it in my own patients and I didn’t know there was so much research to support this theory (at least I thought it was a theory). Incredible. So grateful for your work. So grateful for the knowledge you gave us yesterday. You confirmed what I always thought was going on with my speech kids but could never adequately identify. You and Lori have now added yet another armor to my approach with articulation impairments and beyond.

TOTs Assessment Course Attendee