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OPT and Evidence Based Practice


TalkTools®️ Publications Page

"EBP means more than level-one research or large-sample, double-blind case studies. EBP evolves with new evidence and truly listening to our colleagues and their observations. " - RMW

This website has a number of articles, poster presentations, peer reviewed journals, blogs and podcasts that serve as a terrific resource for anyone wanting to learn more about OPT, Myofunctional, Feeding and more.

OPT and Evidence Based Practice
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As a long time instructor with TalkTools®️, Robyn wanted to share with everyone the wealth of resources that are available. Naysayers debate the evidence for oral motor, oral placement and myofunctional therapies for lack of evidence; however between the OMI, The International Association of Orofacial Myology and the TalkTools® publications pages, we can see that is not the case. EBP is a combination of patient values, clinical research and clinical data, not just Level 1-2 studies.

Whether you are an orofacial myofunctional professional or a prospective patient looking for more information, this page can answer just about any question you have.

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