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Tethered Oral Tissues



Robyn is an author, international lecturer, and subject matter expert on the diagnosis and treatment of Tethered Oral Tissue.

Tethered Oral Tissues
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Robyn works collaboratively with preferred frenectomy providers as well as the inter-professional TOTs team in the tri-state area.

Many patients come to Robyn for speech and /or feeding challenges , not realizing that they are actually experiencing the functional impact of TOTs.

If the oral tissue is restricted and cannot allow the cheeks, tongue or lips to move full range, a variety of symptoms may occur. Red flags of TOTs may include: breastfeeding challenges, maternal nipple pain, failure to progress to pureed and solid foods, delayed speech sounds, articulation challenges, voice problems, mouth breathing, open mouthed posture and dental issues such as a space between the two top teeth or overcrowding of the lower teeth,

Along with Lori Overland, Robyn has spent years researching TOTs and creating a comprehensive and treatment protocol.

If you suspect that you or your child have TOTs , please seek a functional assessment first. The rationale is found in Robyn's parent newsletter TOTs 101:

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