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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is much more than improving a person's diet. It involves finding the root of the feeding disorder which is rarely purely behavioral. In the textbook, co-authored with Lori Overland, "A SENSORY MOTOR APPROACH TO FEEDING" , therapists and parents alike learn the "why" of food refusals, difficulty handling textures and more. Robyn and Lori provide developmental oral motor normative data and a task analysis of the oral sensory motor skills required for a safe and effective nutritive feeding.

Robyn is also trained in SOS Approach to Feeding, Beckman Oral Motor Protocol and has taken courses with Rona Alexander, Joan Averdson, Diane Bahr, Pam Marshalla, Leslie Faye Davis, Nina Johanson, Melanie Potock and more. Robyn also teaches feeding courses in regard to autism , TOTs and school-based feeding therapy.

Using sensory based, motor based and behaviorally based approaches , Robyn's unique program provides a sensitive but structured approach to therapy.

Signs and symptoms of a feeding disorder are:

- Food refusal
- Picky eating
- Avoiding textures
- Gagging, choking, vomiting
- GI or digestion issues
- Food avoidance

Some live to eat others eat to live. Without healthy eating and a positive relationship with food, it is difficult to focus and thrive. Please visit the schedule page to make your appointment.

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