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Oral Motor Disorders

Oral Motor Disorders

Oral motor disorders are muscle -based and occur in a wide range of diagnoses. When the muscles of the face and mouth are compromised, by low tone or high tone, functional symptoms may occur. Oral motor challenges can be congenital such as Down syndrome, or acquired such as Bell's Palsy.

Robyn started her journey in learning about oral motor issues while in graduate school. While attending a NJSHA convention with her Aunt Janine (also a speech pathologist) she took a course with Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson. She was fascinated that she was not learning much about this in school and immediately wanted to learn more.

Within several years she was training under Sara and was soon teaching her own courses as well. She has dedicated her career to advocating for oral motor therapy through research, volunteer positions, teaching and training others.

Common symptoms of oral motor disorders are:

- Open mouthed posture
- Drooling
- Difficulty saying certain sounds
- Distorted speech sounds/slurred words
- Muscle- weakness changing facial appearance
- Feeding challenges

Oral motor disorders can also be acquired from stroke, Bell's Palsy and degenerative diseases.

Robyn implements the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol, TalkTools® methodologies, as well as a variety of other tactile, and muscle based therapies taught to her by Lori Overland, Diane Bahr, Morris & Klein, Pam Marshalla, Char Boshart and more. The methods can help patients improve feeding and speech.

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