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Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

Oral placement therapy (OPT) targets specific movements of the lips, tongue, and jaw to improve feeding and speech. OPT should not be confused with non-speech oral motor exercises (NSOME). Robyn is an advanced level clinician and instructor of TalkTools®, world leader in the engineering and creation of OPT tools and programs. She has been with the company since the late 90's and went from trainee to teacher standing along side her mentors.

OPT is a modern extension of the Van Riper Phonetic Placement Approach. It uses every tool possible to shape speech-like movements, and then fades the tool when the individual can appropriately imitate oral placements for speech. For example, lip closure for P/B/M. Robyn explains this in her poster from ASHA Connect:

Individuals who benefit from OPT are:

- Children with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome
- Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
- Individuals with motor planning or execution challenges
- Individuals with TOTs or other OMDs
- Children who are "long haulers" in speech because the root of their issues are not being addressed

Robyn is considered a subject matter expert in Oral Placement Therapy and has been providing these services for over twenty-five years. Her lectures and texts describe the use of various tools combined with Beckman Oral Motor Protocol and PROMPT.

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