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School-Based Independent Evaluations

School-Based Independent Evaluations

For over twenty five years, Robyn has served students in the public school system of NJ as a Speech and Language Specialist for the Ridgefield Board of Education. She has worked in the magnet school program for Autism Spectrum Disorder, the multiple disabilities program, inclusion, RTI, served on the 504 and I&RS teams , and case managed ESLS students for speech services. She was Rethink Teacher of the month and through this position was trained in ABA, Eden program and ABBLS.

From this experience and her feeding/oral motor/ myofunctional expertise , Robyn has served as an independent evaluation consultant for numerous school systems in NJ. When a parent is concerned regarding their child's oral motor, feeding or articulation issues , Robyn provides an unbias assessment to give her expert opinion , goals and objectives and recommendations on how to help children with oral motor and feeding disorders in the schools such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech, dysarthria or dysphagia.

If you are interested in this service please note the school system must contact me directly, as I cannot schedule IEs without board approval and a purchase order from your school district.

Schools may contact me at

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